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New Models of Democracy

Leaders from around the globe tackle issues facing the evolving state of world democracy.

Sophia Kokosalaki, Who Gave London Fashion a Grecian Spin, Dies at 46

One of the leading Greek designers of her generation, she balanced a cutting-edge feminine look with ancient motifs and dressed thousands for the Athens Olympics.

The Free World at 30

?If you don?t fight for democracy, you don?t deserve it.?

We Need a Fourth Branch of Government

Citizen-driven democracy is the best way to combat corruption and the power of the global elite.

Pompeo Defends Trump?s Ukraine Conspiracy Theory

In Athens, the American secretary of state dismissed the House Democrats? impeachment inquiry and the political drama that it has sparked as a ?silly gotcha game.?

Riots Erupt at Greek Migrant Camp on Lesbos After Deadly Fire

The authorities said the situation had stabilized, but others saw a need for more urgent action at the chronically overcrowded facilities.

Migration to Greece Is Rising, as Erdogan Warns of Still More

The rate of arrivals is still just a fraction of the 2015 peak, but comes as Turkey threatens to allow a wave of migrants to pass through Turkey to Europe.

Greece to Shed ?Black Sheep? Status, New Conservative Leader Asserts

The prime minister announced a series of tax cuts intended to bolster a country dogged by years of austerity and the vestiges of a decade-long financial crisis.

House Hunting in ? Greece

As the country emerges from a crippling debt crisis, the island of Crete remains popular with second-home buyers.

Seven Bedrooms on the Mediterranean in Crete

This seven-bedroom villa on the northern coast of Greece is on the market for $1.3 million.