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In the Balkans, a Chance to Stabilize Europe

The agreement with Greece to rename Macedonia opens a door to unifying all the Balkan states and making all of Europe more secure.

Macedonia Signs Historic Deal With Greece on Name Dispute

The accord, if ratified, would see the former Yugoslav republic renamed North Macedonia, and pave the way for an enlargement of the European Union and NATO.

Greek Government Survives Vote Over Deal to Rename Macedonia

Protesters objected to the new name, North Macedonia, with one leader saying those who voted with the government ?are all mortgaging the future of the country.?

Greece and Macedonia Press Ahead With Name Change

A no-confidence vote is expected on Saturday, but it?s unlikely to pass, despite widespread dissatisfaction with the agreement.

Macedonia Agrees to Change Its Name to Resolve Dispute With Greece

Greeks contend that their neighbors? name implies territorial ambition, and have blocked it from joining alliances. Now there may be a breakthrough.

Deal for Macedonia Name? High Treason, Some Greeks Say

Greece?s long feud with the Balkan neighbor that claims the same ancient name as its northern region is inching toward a deal. But feelings still run high.

Greece May Be Turning a Corner. Greeks Who Fled Are Staying Put.

Greece is reaching a pivotal moment as it prepares to exit financial bailouts. Greeks who left the country are skeptical.

75-Year-Old Mayor Is Attacked in Greece, and Nationalists Rejoice

Yiannis Boutaris, known for his outspoken views against far-right violence and racism, was assaulted at a ceremony commemorating victims of a World War I genocide.

Trump?s Iran Move May Swamp Greece

The danger illustrates the unforeseen consequences of impetuous American actions.

What the Heck Is That?: ERIS

A look at one of the entries in last week?s crossword puzzles that stumped our solvers.