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El caos del mundo se instala en una isla griega

Los habitantes de Samos y los solicitantes de asilo enfrentan juntos condiciones que no pueden controlar, como el caos en Medio Oriente y la indiferencia de la Unión Europea.

The Scenic Isle Where the World?s Chaos Comes Home to Roost

On Samos, islanders and asylum seekers bear the shared brunt of forces beyond their control ? like chaos in the Middle East and the cold shoulder of the European Union.

Greece?s Answer to Migrants, a Floating Barrier, Is Called a ?Disgrace?

Rights groups have condemned the plan, warning that it would increase the dangers faced by asylum seekers.

Migrant Boat Sinks Near Greek Island, Killing at Least 12

The vessel may have had around 50 people aboard, the Greek Coast Guard said, and a major search-and-rescue mission was underway.

Tombs at Ancient Greek Site Were Gold-Lined Chambers

The burial structures were looted during antiquity, but beads and a pendant depicting Hathor, an Egyptian goddess, suggest earlier trade links between Pylos, Greece, and Egypt.

The 10 Most Idyllic Destinations T Visited This Year

The most stunning ? and, in some cases, storied ? destinations we featured in 2019.

Beware the Evil Eye. Or Buy One, Just for Kicks

The amulets now go way beyond high school backpack charms or something for Coachella.

Amid Death and Debris From Earthquake, Albania Clings to Hope

The death toll rose to 31 a day after the Balkan country was struck by one of the strongest tremors there in decades.

Greece Announces Steps to Shut Down Notorious Refugee Camps

The government?s plan to redistribute asylum seekers was presented as a more humane alternative, but it was also clearly intended to deter new arrivals.

How to Throw a Romantic Greek Dinner Party

The chef Mina Stone opened a casual Greek restaurant at MoMA PS1 in Queens last week and celebrated the occasion at an artist?s studio in Brooklyn.