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Church Leaders Sue Princeton Over ?Stolen? Manuscripts

In a lawsuit, officials of the Eastern Orthodox Church say the university has four manuscripts that were looted from a monastery in Greece in 1917.

Riots Flare in Athens on the 10th Anniversary of a Police Killing

Young people with homemade firebombs and riot police with tear gas clashed in the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki on Thursday, after protests over a police shooting unraveled.

Hanukkah and the Soul

Indispensable to the Jewish worldview is the idea that humans are unique, that we possess a spiritual component and that our actions are freely chosen.

10 Years in Prison for Exaggerating Her Elementary School Record?

A 53-year-old cleaner in Greece is appealing her sentence to the Supreme Court for lying about the time she spent in elementary school: six years instead of five.

6 Men Jailed for Beating American Student to Death in Greece

A court convicted the attackers of assault charges, downgraded from murder, after Bakari Henderson, 22, was beaten, chased and killed on the island of Zakynthos in 2017.

Rich, Ancient City Is Unearthed in Greece

Archaeologists unearthed Tenea, which is thought to have been founded by Trojans. They also found tombs, coins and urns, among other items, in and around the city.

Greek Leader?s Efforts to Loosen Church-State Ties Are Met With Skepticism

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wants to remove clerics from Greece?s civil service, raising concerns about job security and even national identity.

A Dream Vacation, Shaped by a Devastating Diagnosis

As the sun set on my life, it was rising on my children?s, and I knew this trip might be my last chance to share whatever I?ve learned about this world.

?They Don?t Have Money?: Greece?s Prostitutes Hit Hard by Financial Crisis

An industry that has seen most everything is suffering under rock-bottom prices after a decade-long crisis left no profession unscathed, degrading the lives of Greek citizens.

When Jackie Married Ari: How We Reported the Wedding of the Decade

50 years ago, the queen of Camelot wed a Greek tycoon. The Times had an inside source at a ceremony that was off limits to the press. But that wasn?t our only scoop.