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Greece Approves Bribery Investigation Involving Political Elite

A report sent to Parliament said there was evidence to suggest that Novartis made payments to politicians.

Greek Politicians May Have Taken Bribes from Drug Maker, Prosecutors Say

The inquiry, which was sent to Parliament by prosecutors on Tuesday, is centered on accusations from three people who are believed to be Novartis employees.

Greece?s Macedonian Touchstone

A newly flaring controversy goes back decades. Or is it centuries?

Greeks Protest to Defend Right to the Name ?Macedonia?

More than 100,000 gathered to protest the use of the word in the name of a former Yugoslav republic, saying it implies a territorial claim on Greece.

Greeks Protest Over Neighbor?s Use of the Name Macedonia

Tens of thousands gathered at a rally in Thessaloniki amid talks by Greece and the Republic of Macedonia to settle the long dispute.

Greece Adopts New Austerity Measures to Placate Creditors

The measures were demanded by international creditors and included cuts to benefits for large families and restrictions on trade unions.

Greece Scraps Compulsory Shariah for Muslim Minority

Lawmakers passed legislation allowing Muslims in Thrace, a northern region, to take civilian cases to Greek courts rather than to Islamic clerics.

Greek Prime Minister Seeks to Block Asylum for Turkish Officer

In an apparent effort to avoid antagonizing Turkey, Greece?s prime minister moved to block asylum for a Turkish officer who fled last year?s failed coup.

What to Get Theresa May for Christmas

A good lesson on Europe?s bare-knuckle negotiating tactics.

Turkish Coast Guard Rescues Stranded Migrants by Helicopter

Dozens of migrants were rescued by the Turkish Coast Guard after their dinghy became stranded on a rocky outcropping in the Aegean Sea.