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Serial Rapist Jumps Off Cliff While Running From Police and Breaks Ribs

Called ?the beast of Kavos,? Dimitris Aspiotis was twice convicted of raping several women, imprisoned and freed because of overcrowding. This month, another woman accused him of rape.

Can Europe Stay Back From the Brink?

After three months of chaos and deaths caused by the pandemic, the continent, led by Germany and France, is giving convergence another try.

We Are Kids Who Remember Only War

The agony and anxiety of living in a migrant camp.

Europe?s Battle-Hardened Nations Show Resilience in Virus Fight

Countries such as Croatia and Greece, which took early measures to stop the outbreak, have generally been aided by cooperation from citizens galvanized by tough recent experiences of war or financial disaster.

As Coronavirus Deaths Spike, Brazil?s Leader Says, ?So What??: Live Updates

Fighting fears and travel bans, countries and businesses are trying to rescue summer vacation. At Airbus, signs of trouble emerge.

Greece Has ?Defied the Odds? in the Pandemic

The Greeks have been dogged by years of instability, but their government?s response to the coronavirus has won praise from citizens.

The Rising Heroes of the Coronavirus Era? Nations? Top Scientists

Scientists in Europe are becoming household names, fulfilling societies? emotional and practical need for the truth.

Manolis Glezos Dies at 97; Tore Down Nazi Flag Over Athens

He became a national hero in the Greek resistance for a daring feat atop the Acropolis. He later endured prison and exile and pursued a leftist political career.

Los europeos ricos huyen del virus a sus casas de descanso y propagan enojo y temor

En Francia y el resto de Europa, los más adinerados abandonan las ciudades para pasar el confinamiento en sus viviendas de veraneo, lo que acentúa las brechas sociales.

Rich Europeans Flee Virus for 2nd Homes, Spreading Fear and Fury

In France and the rest of Europe, the affluent decamp cities to spend their confinement in vacation homes, widening class divides.