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With North Macedonia?s Inclusion, NATO Gets a Boost That Sends a Message

Political analysts said the accession of the country now known as North Macedonia to NATO, which could be complete by year?s end, was a setback for Russia.

How a Name Change Opened the Door to NATO for Macedonia

This week, the Balkan nation was formally invited to join the military alliance. A seemingly minor change to its name followed years of confrontation with Greece.

Leader of Greece, Visiting Turkey, Aims to Build Ties and Improve His Image at Home

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is to meet President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and visit an Orthodox seminary that Greeks hope to reopen.

Greece, 10 Years Into Economic Crisis, Counts the Cost to Mental Health

Depression and suicide rates rose alarmingly during the debt crisis as the country cut wages and health services and increased taxes.

Greeks Approve Deal to Rename Macedonia, in Victory for the West

The vote by the Greek Parliament, over impassioned opposition, clears a path for the renamed North Macedonia to join the NATO alliance.

Greece Expected to Approve Macedonia Name Change, Defying Street Protests

The Parliament will vote on a pact changing the name of Greece?s neighbor to North Macedonia. But many Greeks say the change does not go far enough.

4 Arrested and 23 Guns Seized in Plot Against Muslim Enclave in Upstate N.Y.

Three men and a 16-year-old planned to attack Islamberg, N.Y., using 23 firearms and three improvised explosive devices, police said.

Protests in Greece Over Macedonia Deal Turn Violent

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Athens on Sunday, days before lawmakers vote on whether to ratify an agreement to rename the country?s northern neighbor North Macedonia.

Alexis Tsipras Survives Confidence Vote in Greece?s Parliament

The prime minister was widely expected to win, but he still faces a series of crises, including a deal to end a dispute with Macedonia.

Greek Leader Calls for Vote of Confidence After Minister Quits Over Macedonia Deal

The vote is likely to be held this week, after Panos Kammenos, Greece?s defense minister, resigned from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras?s governing coalition on Sunday.