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Beware the Evil Eye. Or Buy One, Just for Kicks

The amulets now go way beyond high school backpack charms or something for Coachella.

Amid Death and Debris From Earthquake, Albania Clings to Hope

The death toll rose to 31 a day after the Balkan country was struck by one of the strongest tremors there in decades.

Greece Announces Steps to Shut Down Notorious Refugee Camps

The government?s plan to redistribute asylum seekers was presented as a more humane alternative, but it was also clearly intended to deter new arrivals.

How to Throw a Romantic Greek Dinner Party

The chef Mina Stone opened a casual Greek restaurant at MoMA PS1 in Queens last week and celebrated the occasion at an artist?s studio in Brooklyn.

Meet the Levy Family. Their History Is Our History.

A writer tells the story of a region through the lens of one well-documented clan.

A Guide to Milos, a Greek Island With Fewer Crowds and More Beaches

Often overlooked in favor of its flashier neighbors, Mykonos and Santorini, the small volcanic isle offers a more peaceful way to experience the Aegean.

Around Milos, Swimming the Aegean Sea

One writer explores the Greek island, discovering not just volcanic caves or ancient ruins but also a deeper connection to the past.

ISIS Suspect Trapped at Turkish-Greek Border Is to Be Deported to U.S.

Turkey said it had received assurances from Washington that the American would not be refused entry.

Europeans Bewildered as Trump Stomps Off

The spectacle of an American president breaking trust with NATO allies as he tries to avoid impeachment is hard to grasp. When will it all end?

Teenage Rescuer, Now 92, Meets Family She Saved From Nazis

Melpomeni Dina was reunited with the two surviving members and 40 descendants of the Jewish family she and her sisters helped escape occupied Greece during World War II.