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Golf Balls! Pencils! Whales! What Makes an Author?s Obsession a Thrill, Not a Bore?

Mary Norris considers how fixation-prone writers manage to captivate (or lose) their readers.

European Election Results Show Growing Split Over Union?s Future

As both pro-E.U. and anti-E.U. forces seemed likely to claim some victories, the vote made clear that arguing over the future of the bloc would intensify.

Who Is Playing Politics With the Port of Piraeus?

An ancient Greek site finds itself caught between China and Alexis Tsipras.

T?s Travel Issue: The Survivors

The countries we visited have seen years ? centuries ? of unimaginable wealth and power, and, equally, centuries of sorrow, despair, warfare and subjugation.

Greek Anarchists Vandalize U.S. Ambassador?s Home

An anarchist group called Rouvikonas claimed responsibility, saying it was acting in solidarity with an imprisoned hit man for a now-defunct terrorist group.

A Journey Into Greece?s Land of a Thousand Stories

One writer chronicles his voyage to the island of Ithaca, where Odysseus was once reputedly king.

Supporter of North Macedonia Name Change Wins Presidency

The country changed its name to overcome objections from Greece, allowing North Macedonia to join NATO and possibly the European Union.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Is the Pride of a Greece That Shunned Him

As the son of African immigrants, Antetokounmpo was unwelcome in Athens. Then he showed promise as a basketball star.

Rumors of Open Border Prompt Migrant Protests in Greece

Gatherings at a refugee camp and at the central train station in Athens followed false promises on social media that travel restrictions were about to be lifted.

Athens in Pieces: The Happiest Man I?ve Ever Met

What is it like to be a monk? I spent three days in Greece?s revered ?Holy Mountain? monastery to find out.