Greece latest news and Headlines

Tiny Islands Make for Big Tensions Between Greece and Turkey

Incursions by Turkish military ships and jets into Greek territory have spiked and the potential for conflict is the greatest it has been in 20 years.

Greek Court Upends Rules Limiting Migrants? Movements

The Council of State ruled that migrants arriving on Greek islands should no longer be held there while their asylum claims were assessed.

Greek Fighter Jet Crashes After Encounter With Turkish Aircraft, Officials Say

A Greek official said the jet had been sent to chase Turkish fighters out of Greek airspace, but Ankara says it had no aircraft in the area. The pilot died.

Trash-Talking Toward Conflict?

Greece and Turkey have been exchanging insults and threats in recent weeks, recalling conflicts from a shared and bloody history.

Greece?s Island of Despair

Two years after the E.U. and Turkey struck a deal to cut off asylum seekers crossing the Aegean, thousands languish in deplorable conditions on Lesbos.

What?s in a Name? For Macedonia, the Key to Peace and Security

The Balkan country has been blocked from joining NATO and the European Union by Greece, which for decades has fought to keep the name Macedonia for itself.

At Least 16 Migrants Drown Off Greek Island, Including 5 Children

It was the first such mass casualty in several months on a route once taken by thousands of desperate people each day.

Greece Approves Bribery Investigation Involving Political Elite

A report sent to Parliament said there was evidence to suggest that Novartis made payments to politicians.

Greek Politicians May Have Taken Bribes from Drug Maker, Prosecutors Say

The inquiry, which was sent to Parliament by prosecutors on Tuesday, is centered on accusations from three people who are believed to be Novartis employees.

Greece?s Macedonian Touchstone

A newly flaring controversy goes back decades. Or is it centuries?