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Personal Stories From the Refugee Experience

Three books relate the individual accounts of people caught up in events larger than themselves.

Europe Says Greece Is a Comeback Story. The I.M.F. Isn?t Convinced.

As Greece prepares to exit nearly a decade worth of bailouts, the International Monetary Fund is warning the country faces an uphill battle to recovery.

The Fires in Greece

Scores of people dying needlessly on the outskirts of Athens looks more like carelessness than fate.

Arson Is Suspected in Deadly Fires in Greece, Government Says

The death toll in the first this week rose to at least 84, with many more people still missing, in the worst disaster in the country?s recent history.

In Aftermath of Greek Fires, Suspicion Combines With Grief and Recrimination

As rescuers continued to search for the missing, Greeks were asking how so many scattered fires had broken out in so short a span and spread with such velocity.

As Greek Wildfire Closed In, a Desperate Dash Ended in Death

A New York Times correspondent reports from the ashes of a seaside resort town devastated by fire and death.

As Wildfires Burn in Greece, ?Despair and Death Everywhere?

Fast-spreading wildfires have engulfed entire seaside towns in Greece, killing multiple people and injuring many others. The death toll is expected to rise.

In Greece, Wildfires Kill Dozens, Driving Some Into the Sea

At least 74 people have been killed in fast-moving wildfires outside Athens, the country?s deadliest in years. Flames blocked many evacuation routes.

Athens and Moscow?s Stunning Falling-Out

Greeks and Russians have long seen themselves as natural allies. That changed this month.

How to Get America on the Mediterranean Diet

Countless studies show it?s the healthiest way to eat. But too few people actually follow it.