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Los europeos ricos huyen del virus a sus casas de descanso y propagan enojo y temor

En Francia y el resto de Europa, los más adinerados abandonan las ciudades para pasar el confinamiento en sus viviendas de veraneo, lo que acentúa las brechas sociales.

Rich Europeans Flee Virus for 2nd Homes, Spreading Fear and Fury

In France and the rest of Europe, the affluent decamp cities to spend their confinement in vacation homes, widening class divides.

How Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece Spends Her Sundays

Like many New Yorkers, she is staying inside, except for walking the dogs. But at home, she has a foosball table.

Some Countries Are Better Armored for Epidemics Than Others

European economies that depend on tourism, small businesses and supply chains may suffer the most. At the other end may be Estonia.

Turkey Steps Back From Confrontation at Greek Border

The country is winding down an aggressive two-week operation to move tens of thousands of migrants to its frontiers. But relations with Greece and Europe have suffered.

E.U. to Offer 2,000 Euros to Migrants in Greece to Go Home

An official said she hoped that up to 5,000 migrants would participate in the voluntary scheme, which had caveats.

Coronavirus Pandemic, Angela Merkel, Markets: Your Thursday Briefing

Here?s what you need to know.

?We Are Like Animals?: Inside Greece?s Secret Site for Migrants

The extrajudicial center is one of several tactics Greece is using to prevent a repeat of the 2015 migration crisis.

Vigilantes in Greece Say ?No More? to Migrants

Frustrated and exhausted by the lingering problems from the 2015 crisis, Greeks once generous with refugees are turning hostile, some violently.

?¿Cuándo podemos ir a la escuela??: casi 300 millones de niños faltan a clase

El cierre de escuelas por el coronavirus es global. La velocidad y escala mundial de la suspensión de clases ?no tiene precedentes?, advirtió Naciones Unidas.